Annual Returns In Zimbabwe - Frequently Asked Questions

All Private Limited Companies in Zimbabwe by law have to file annual returns once every year within the required time frame as regulated by the Companies Act.

By filing the annual returns with the Registrar of Companies, the company confirms whether they are still in business or trading, or if it will be in business in the near future. An annual return is a statutory return in terms of the Companies Act and is a summary of the most relevant information pertaining to a company.

The prescribed filing fees for annual returns are legislated, and as such cannot be waived by the Registrar of companies. When a company fails to submit its annual returns for a long time, the Registrar of Companies will assume the company is no longer trading and may start the de-registration of the company.

Once a company has been deregistered, the Registrar of companies removes the company from its active records. Legally, the company will now cease to exist and the company name will become available to the general public for registration.
Annual Returns In Zimbabwe
Annual Returns In Zimbabwe
Once the company is in the deregistration process due to the non-payment of annual returns, it is possible for the deregistration process to be cancelled if all outstanding annual returns are paid up to date.

If however, the company is in final deregistration, then the company can apply for reinstatement upon the filing of the required documentation. If the application is successful and all reinstatement criteria are met, the Registrar of Companies will change the status of the company to “in reinstatement process”, at a prescribed fee.

To keep your company in good standing with the Registrar of Companies and to avoid any penalties, possible deregistration, or the aggravation of trying to reinstate the company, every company is advised to lodge their annual returns timorously within the stipulated time frame.

Avoiding Penalties:
Ways to avoid incurring penalty fees include:
  • Being aware of your company’s Annual Return Date.
  • Ensuring that your company’s financial statements are prepared well (Know your authorised & issued share capital)
  • Seeking assistance from a company consultancy firm such as Tradejerk Services so the annual return is taken care of and reminders are sent to the company.To conclude, filing your Annual Returns is of the utmost importance. If you are not sure of the whole process, then get in touch with us for a detailed guide and walkthrough.

What is an annual return?
An annual return is a Companies Registry filing requirement for all private limited companies. It verifies that all company information is accurate and up to date.

How often do I file an annual return? An annual return must be filed at the Companies Registry at least once every 12 months. This service is renewable annually, ensuring you do not miss a filing date in the future.

When is the annual return due? An annual return is due on the anniversary of the date of incorporation or the date you filed the last annual return.

Does non-filing of annual returns attract penalties? Yes, non-filing of annual returns attracts a penalty per every year you do not file the return.

Can a company be struck off from the companies register if annual returns are not filed? Yes, a company risks being struck off from the companies register if annual returns are not filed. It is assumed that a company that is not compliant is no longer trading.

How long does it take to finish the whole process? It will take 9-12 working days.

What information is confirmed using an annual return? An annual return is used to confirm the following information about a company:
  • The registered office address.
  • The address at which the register of members is kept.
  • The number of shares.
  • The number of shares taken up.
  • The number of shares of each class fully paid up.
  • Names and surnames of the directors' auditors and secretaries.
*Some information might not be applicable to every company.

Does a company that is not trading file an annual return? Yes, every company whether trading or not is liable to file companies annual returns. The only way to avoid paying is by de-registering your company.

What information does ZCR need to file your annual return? We would need your company name and company number so we can conduct a file search.

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